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Swing Trading Webinar (Recording)

Speaker: Vijay Thakkar

Language: Hindi/English

Level: Intermediate

Webinar  Introduction:

Bhaav Bhagwan Chhe…. Price is God! As Grand as it may sound, it is a very humble statement. Simple. Follow Price. That’s it.

The Stock Market is basically about Demand and Supply and that is reflected in the Price. We don’t have any Insider Information or Operator Calls or other Source of Information about any Stock, nevertheless if someone Big is Buying a Stock, it must show via Price and/or Volume.

That is all we must follow, with some Conditions in place. That is what we will discuss here. We obviously won’t capture the entire ride of the Move, but that is not the point. Not all can become Ambanis, but we can still follow in their footsteps. We just need to Identify and Capture as much as we can. We look for Short Term Swing trades.

Very Clear, Very Concise.


What will we Learn in the Webinar:

  1. Swing Strategy based on Trend Following.
  2. How to select a Stock.
  3. How to define Entry and When to Exit.
  4. Proper Risk Management and Position Sizing.
  5. Trading Psychology and Trading Mindset.




  1. Rule Based Trading.
  2. Identify Stock Trends, Targets & Stoploss
  3. Power of Less Is More.

What will you get:

  1. PPT and Scanner used.
  2. Recording Access for 1 month


  1. Basic Knowledge of Technical Analysis.
  2. Understanding of Dow theory and/or Trend Following.

Fill in these details and our team shall call you the minute we release our course dates. Looking forward to having you learn with us!