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Dear Bhai, I know of no in this greedy industry who promised low and delivered beyond the expectation, after a 6-Days interaction I really felt enlightened and it’s a 0:1000% gain not only from the Technical learnings but the confidence and warmth you sprinkled. It’s a great opportunity to meet such a towering personality driven by values and empathy rather than chasing for money.Aspects that made you unique: 1. Thanks for helping me to understand the real aspects of established theories. 2. Thanks for teaching me to buy at low risk zones. 3. Thanks for teaching me how to catch the fish. Now it’s my turn to cook the fish by using your 6-days recipe. I wish you all the very best for all your future endeavours, I strongly believe the good deeds you are doing currently will pay off in the form of blessings from the almighty who will protect and guide you and your family with good health, wealth and happiness. Keep up the good work Bhai!!!

Kiran Kumar Reddy