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The stock box Method


The Stock Market consists of over 4000 scripts. There is a story to be told here every day. Some pretty and some ugly.
There are many stocks that have the potential of giving returns of 100% and above, every year. Some can go up as much as 200% also. We hear about these Stocks from many sources, but never seem to find them ourselves.
There are many ways to find these stocks, but over the years, I have found this method to be the most effective, for me. After multiple trades and analysis, I have boiled this down to its essence, PRICE ACTION!

The method

The Method of StockBox works on a very simple yet effective type of Price Action, Break Out and Retest.

Why should you subscribe?

If you are an Investor or Trade but don’t have the Professional guidance on which stocks to Select, how long to Hold or when to Exit then this Method is ideal for you.

Our team sifts through multiple charts to select the right one for you. This along with the Technical Course that you would take would make you look at the Markets with a different perspective, helping you build your Wealth and Portfolio slowly, steadily, and surely.

In Stock Box Method we use The Momentum Theory (Buy High, Sell Higher).

We believe in LESS IS MORE.

The course

The Course is a 12 Month Program. The Course will include

What you won’t get?

  • No Personalized Advice
  • No Hot Tips for Intraday