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Learn the TechnoFunda of Stock Market (Offline)

Class overview

The program is designed to help participants to learn the Technicals and Fundamentals of the market. The Technical learnings will help you to identify common mistakes while reading a chart, identify false breakouts, learn hidden chart reading and profit from them.


Key Features


  • Small Batch sizes so the sessions are highly interactive
  • Mode of communication is English, Hindi & Gujarati
  • Complete support for ONE Year
  • Complete course will be shared via PDF.



Who should attend?

Anyone who is interested in trading and wants to be successful in the stock market!




  • Learn to trade part time without any hinderance to your present commitments
  • You can trade Intraday / Short Term / Long Term in any market of the world
  • Learn the ‘Art of Stock Picking’ for long term wealth creation
  • Learn to trade stocks in both Bullish and Bearish markets
  • Learn definition of Good or Bad / Strong or Weak Stocks
  • Stop looking for tips and focus on generating the ideas yourself At the end of the day it’s your money and its you who should be responsible for it
  • Benefit from the ‘Power of Compounding‘, the 8th wonder of the world
  • You will be ahead of 90% investors in the world who depend solely on Fundamental Analysis only


Course Timeline


  • This course will be covered over a period of 2 Days
  • The timings are from 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Daily Q&A sessions
  • Get the course material in the form of a physical book
  • Morning Tea, Afternoon Lunch, and High Tea included.

The Momentum Theory

If you are an Investor or Trader but don’t have the professional guidance on which stocks to select, how long to hold or when to exit then this method is ideal for you.

Our team sifts through multiple charts to select the right one for you. This along with the technical course that you would take would make you look at the markets with a different perspective, helping you build your wealth and portfolio slowly, steadily, and surely.


In Stock Box Method we use The Momentum Theory – Buy High, Sell Higher.


We believe in LESS IS MORE!

Course Timeline

Fundamental Checklist


  • How to find stocks that are fundamentally strong?
  • What is value investing?
  • How to select a stock trading at life-time highs yet is cheaply valued?
  • How to pick multi-bagger with help of fundamental analysis?
  • Which types of stocks to select while investing?
  • How to calculate target with the help of fundamental analysis?
  • How to read fundamentals?
  • Topics will be covered with live examples


 Introduction to Technicals (Types of Trend)


  • What is Technical analysis?
  • Why is it important?
  • Types of candlesticks patterns (candlestick and lines)
  •  What is a candlesticks pattern?
  •  How and when to use it?
  • What is a trend?
  • Types of trends and how to trade it.
  • Learn why following the trend is very important!
  • When to use & how to use?
  • What is the definition of STRONG Stock & WEAK Stock?
  • What is a Up-Trend?
  • How to use up-trend in trading?
  • How to draw trend-line?
  • What is purpose of using trend-line?
  • Topic will be covered with Live Examples


Downtrend & Sideways


  • What is a Downtrend?
  • How to draw Downtrend?
  • How to use Downtrend in trading?
  • What is Sideways trend?
  • How to draw sideways trend-Line?
  • How to use sideways trend in trading?
  • Topic will be covered with Live examples


Introduction of Support & Resistance


  • What is Support & Resistance?
  •  How it works?
  •  Learn about Minor Support & Minor Resistance
  •  Learn about Major Support & Major Resistance
  • Learn about Flip Support & Flip Resistance
  • Buy Near Support & Sell Near Resistance is the golden rule of the stock market, but the question is ‘When to Buy Near Sup & When to Sell Near Resistance’. We teach you how!
  • The topic will be covered with Live Examples


Demand & Supply Zone, Breakout & Breakdown, Chart Patterns


  • What is the Demand & Supply Zone?
  • How to find Demand & Supply Zones in trading?
  • Importance of Demand & Supply Zones
  • What is Breakout & Breakdown? Types of breakout & breakdowns
  • Which type of Breakout should we trade?
  • When to trade on daily, weekly & monthly breakout or breakdown
  • How to identify a False or Fake Breakout or Breakdown? Why does it occur?
  • Price & Volume Analysis
  • Stop-loss concept
  • Taking trades with the previously discussed technicals.
  • High probability reversal candlestick catterns
  • Learn how to select the stock using candlestick patterns and when patterns fail
  • Introduction to Derivatives: How To trade in Futures & Options (Only Basics)
  • Introduction to Chart patterns (line, bar, candlestick) Reversal Pattern (H&S, INV H&S, Wedges – Type of wedges, double top / bottom pattern)
  • Continuation Patterns
  • Symmetrical Triangle, Ascending Triangle, Descending, Triangle, Flag, Pennant, Cup & Handle Pattern, Rectangle Pattern
  • The topic will be covered with Live Examples.


How to Plan your Trade?


  • Trading check list
  • How to plan your trade? (Entry/Target/Stop-loss)
  • Multi time-frame Analysis (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Risk management using hedging strategies (using Options Basics)
  • Position sizing
  • Money management
  • Learning through multiple practical examples
  • Current examples will be discussed
  • Topic will covered with currently traded examples

What you won't get!

  • No personalised advice
  • No hot tips for trading

Fill in these details and our team shall call you the minute we release our course dates. Looking forward to having you learn with us!